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Money Coach Training Program Overview

Money Coach training is simple, yet comprehensive and delivered in a three-step process.

Step 1: Core Money Coach Courses
Learn the principals of money coaching, the skills and the proper use of the money coaching software platform. These courses include:

  • Course #1 – Introduction to the Fundamentals of Money Coaching (2 days)
  • Course #2 – Cash Flow Analysis and Debt Management Fundamentals (2 days)
  • Course #3 – The 5 Phase Evoce™ Process to Deliver Money Coaching Engagements to Clients (1day)
  • Course #4 – Learn How to Use the Money Coaching Software Application Effectively (1 day)
  • Course #5 – How to Build a Successful and Predictable Money Coaching Business (1 day)

Step 2: Money Coach Mentoring and Certification Program
This step comprises 4 months of experiential mentorship where you work with clients to apply and hone your money coaching skills. A minimum of 4 active client engagements have to be completed within the four month period. The certification module includes one-on-one mentoring and small group webinar training.

Step 3: Association with B.G.W. Money Coach Masters Network
You manage your own independent practice under the Money Coach Masters brand.

After you’ve completed the required training, mentoring and certification, your name will be published on our website and in the internal directory in the Money Coach Software Platform. Your name will be visible to our clients through the “Coach Link” section of the Money Coach Client application.

Ready to Take the First Step?
If the opportunity to become a Certified Money Coach (MONEY THERAPIST and CASH FLOW PLANNING EXPERT) interests you, we encourage you to apply today.